Available Positions


How our staff works:

First and foremost, it is important to state that each and every position is unique and necessary for the function of camp, and every position comes with its own set of leadership responsibilities. 

Those hired for leadership roles are in charge of developing, planning, and coordinating programs related to their departments. The job of leadership staff is to make sure their department of camp is running effectively and efficiently, and to make sure the counselors and program staff are supported in their roles. 

Those hired as Counselors typically counsel for 2-3 weeks straight, then are given a week break from counseling, in which they will work as program staff (behind the scenes: i.e., running games, facilitating activities, dishes, etc). Your job as counselor is to be present with the kids as you take them around from activity to activity. Camp would be chaos if it wasn't for the devoted men and women that choose to serve as counselors! 

Those hired as Program Staff will, for the majority of the summer (unless needed to counsel), be in charge of running games, facilitating activities (life guarding, ropes course, paintball, archery, etc.), doing dishes, helping housekeeping and Sundeck etc. Program staff are the heartbeat of the summer; they make sure everything is flowing together well!

For individual job descriptions, please see click on the position below. 

Summer Staff Leadership Positions:

Program Lead (Filled)

Male Staff Counselor (Filled)

Female Staff Counselor (Filled)

Adventure Program Lead (Filled)

Shift High School Lead (1)

Asst. Shift High School Lead (1) 

Counseling Staff:

Female Counselor (8 total, 7 available)

Male Counselor (7 total)

Program Staff:

Kitchen Assistant (4 total, 3 available)

Office Assistant (Filled)

Program Specialist (5 total, 3 available)  

Videographer (1)

Photographer (1)

Worship Coordinator (1)

If you cannot commit to the whole summer, but would still like to volunteer, please see our volunteer page here




Summer Staff Training (Required):

Leadership Positions: 

May 29th - June 4th

Counseling and Program Staff:

June 4th - June 15th

Ropes Course Training: 

May 30th - June 2nd

Lifeguard Training:

May 24th - 28th

Official Summer Camp Dates: 

June 16th - August 4th

Want to earn extra money?

Help needed August 5th - September 3rd to facilitate Post-Camp Guest Groups