The policies and standards outlined below cover our staff's appearance and conduct in multiple areas. Some of them may seem unnecessary or even silly to you, but our experience has taught us that this is the way to best serve our campers and their families. You may not personally agree with every one, but if you spend a summer with us, we will expect you to abide by all of them.

Do I get time off?

Each full day of camp you will receive at least 1 hour off to refresh, shower, and relax before returning to your campers. 

Each week you will get at least 24 hours off. Be aware that more often than not, due to our camp schedule your 24 hours off will be spread over 2 days (i.e. 3 PM Friday - 3 PM Saturday). We'll do our best to get you the most rejuvenating block of time off that we can, but your flexibility and understanding will be crucial. 

Can I use my phone on my time off?

Absolutely! We do ask that your phone is kept in our office during your working hours / while you are with your campers. We know this is a big sacrifice for you, but we take our camper safety and experience seriously, and have found this is the best way to ensure a safe and distraction-free environment for you and for our campers. This means you will have to plan ahead if you are going to need an alarm clock or camera.

Can I engage in a romantic relationship with another staff member during my time at camp?

We love relationships! But we ask that relationships between summer staff are strictly platonic during your summer contract. You are hired to work with the kids, and that means limiting distractions so that you can give your campers 110%. 

Where can my friends and family send mail to?

Please address all mail and packages to: 


640 Lost Lake Rd 

Naches, WA 98937

I am over 21: Can I drink on my time off?

We believe that we are called to a higher standard, which occasionally means the temporary death of freedoms in order to be an effective witness of the Gospel. While we don't condemn legal drinking in moderation, we do ask that you refrain from drinking while employed by Ghormley. 

How much will I get paid?

Pay is dependent upon position and experience. Please see specific job description and details for further information.

What are the dates I will need to be at camp? 

Official contract dates for Summer 2017 are June 5th - August 5th. When you are hired your commitment is for the whole summer as stated in your contract. Any requested time off must be cleared PRIOR to the first day of Staff Training (June 5th). After staff training there will be no exceptions outside of family emergencies. Please plan ahead; contact us at (509) 672-4311 to schedule any absences. 

Does it matter what I wear while I'm working?

Yes, it does. We try not to be overbearing or legalistic about this stuff, but the simple reality is we're dealing with thousands of families, all with different opinions and expectations. That being said, we try not to do anything that would cause families to question the example we are setting for their children.

Shorts must be no shorter than mid thigh.
No spandex / yoga pants of any kind (shirts, shorts, or pants)… Men, this means you too!
No spaghetti straps. 
Modest one-piece swimwear, or tankini. Two pieces with a dark colored T-shirt is fine.
Men - must wear shirts at all times, except when swimming. 
Men - cutoff shirts should not have a ripped or "open" look down the sides

For additional questions, please contact our Program Director, Joel Whitehead, at (509) 672-4311 or program@ghormleymeadow.org. 




Summer Staff Training (Required):

Leadership Positions: 

May 29th - June 4th

Counseling and Program Staff:

June 4th - June 15th

Ropes Course Training: 

May 30th - June 2nd

Lifeguard Training:

May 24th - 28th

Official Summer Camp Dates: 

June 16th - August 4th

Want to earn extra money?

Help needed August 5th - September 3rd to facilitate Post-Camp Guest Groups