Multiple Group Retreats

There are many advantages to working with other groups to have a joint retreat at Ghormley.  Here are a few:

  • More leaders to spread the work of planning and organizing the event
  • A larger network to locate people you need: speaker, nurse, musicians, counselors...
  • More participants, allowing you to book a larger space at Ghormley or even to reserve the entire camp for your event

When planning a retreat with other groups, there are a few logistics you need to consider.  We developed an addition to our contracts that outlines special terms for these situations.  Here are the basics:

  • Each participating group will complete a separate contract.  The contract will require them to:
    • Commit to a minimum number of participants
    • Provide proof of liability insurance
    • Pay a deposit
    • Commit to pay a cancellation fee if they do not attend the event
    • Provide final count information in a timely manner
  • The minimum numbers of all groups will be added together to create a combined minimum which will determine what lodging Ghormley reserves for the group.  Normal reservation guidelines will apply:
    • Lower Lodge will be reserved for a combined minimum of 15 guests (Max of 30)
    • Ponderosa Lodge will be reserved for a combined minimum of 30 guests (Max of 60)
    • Evergreen Lodge will be reserved for a combined minimum of 60 guests (Max of 220)
    • Exclusive use of camp will be reserved for a combined minimum of 120 guests (Max of 220)
  • One person must be appointed as the primary contact to communicate with Ghormley about the scheduling and other logistics prior to the event.
  • If one group cancels, the combined minimum must be maintained by the other group(s).  In this case, you have the following options:
    • Remaining group(s) increase their group minimum(s) to meet the combined minimum for the retreat.  This may require you to pay for more people than you bring.
    • Cancel the retreat, forfeit your deposit, and pay the applicable cancellation fees.
    • Work with Ghormley staff to adjust the reservation for the remaining group(s), if possible.  We may be able to find an alternate lodge and/or date for your retreat, depending on the circumstances and the timing of the cancellation, but this is not guaranteed.  Additional fees may apply.

If this sounds like an arrangement that could make sense for your group, please call Carol Callahan at 509-672-4311 to discuss this further.