HS Leadership Development

Welcome! Are you a High School student who desires to grow in your faith and is looking for an awesome experience to help make that happen? Look no further! We've started a HS Leadership Development Program, called Shift. For more information on what the program is about, the requirements, and how to apply, please click through the tabs below.

What if I'm not part of the Shift program? Can I still volunteer?

 Shift 2018 Information
Shift 1 
Shift 2
Date: June 22 - July 12
Date: July 13 - August 3
Cost: $450 / $400 / $350
Cost: $520 / $470 / $415
Why three prices? Click here for an explanation of our tiered pricing. Why three prices? Click here for an explanation of our tiered pricing.
Apply Now!
Apply Now!

Description: Are you an incoming Jr. or Sr. who is looking for a great peer leadership opportunity as part of your Shift experience? Join us for Session 1, which will mean you'll be a Shift student during our Sr. High week. You’ll get the dual benefit of getting to enjoy aspects of Sr. High week, while also serving on our Shift team and helping make the week go! This week will be followed up by you continuing your Shift leadership experience during our Primary Camp for 2-4 graders, and lastly, our Junior Camp session for those in 5-6 grade. If you’re looking for a broad range of leadership opportunities, Shift 1 is for you!

Description: Session 2 is non-stop action! During your three week stay, you’ll help facilitate our traditional Mid-High Camp for 6-8 graders, our Jr. Camp for 5-6 graders, and then your last week will be a second Mid-High Camp. As part of your fee, you have the option to attend our Sr. High Camp, at the end of June, as a camper! This session is packed with opportunities to mentor youth and grow as a leader during our busiest three weeks of the summer! Don’t miss this great opportunity to grow in your faith and leadership skills!

  Overdrive 2018 Information
Overdrive Session 1: June 22 - July 12
Overdrive Session 2: July 13 - August 3
Cost: $450 / $400 / $350
Cost: $520 / $470 / $415
Why three prices? Click here for an explanation of our tiered pricing.
Why three prices? Click here for an explanation of our tiered pricing.
Apply Now!
Apply Now! 

Are you a past Shift participant who loves Camp Ghormley and wants new opportunities to grow in your faith and leadership skills? Look no further; this is for you!

This program is designed to give you new opportunities to grow in your leadership abilities by doing things such as being an Activity Leader, helping lead worship (if interested), or even speaking in a morning chapel during a Primary or Junior Camp session! In addition, we’ll have a new round of Bible study curriculum designed to stretch your faith and help you further identify your gifting as a leader. Last, and perhaps most importantly, you will be looked to as a leader to show the way for the first-year Shift students in your session. We will give you opportunities to lead among your peers who are looking to see what great leadership at Camp Ghormley looks like.

We’re serious about preparing future leaders for God’s Kingdom! Come have a blast at camp while growing tremendously along the way!

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Wondering what Shift is about? Shift is a High School Leadership Development program. The goal of this program is to use the ministry of Camp Ghormley to help build strong leaders. We believe this will not only enhance our camping ministries, but ultimately will create stronger leaders and followers of Jesus in the schools, churches and homes of the students who participate in this program. Ultimately we seek to grow Christ's kingdom, and Shift is a new avenue of ministry to accomplish that.

A student in this program will fill one of a number of crucial roles in the operation of our summer camp programs, will take part in daily Bible/leadership studies designed to stretch your faith, will be mentored by one of our college staff and your Shift supervisor and will also be involved in ministering directly to the campers of Ghormley. That's just a brief summary of all the things you'll experience!

Being in this program is hard work, but we believe that three weeks in this program will stretch you in new ways that benefit you not only now, but could have a lasting impact on your life!

 Important Information To Know

Session 1 Dates: June 22 - July 12
 Session 2 Dates: July 13 - August 3
Cost: $450 / $400 / $350
 Cost: $520 / $470 / $415

 *Please see benefits tab! If finances are a problem, consider asking your school or your church if they have scholarships or funding to help students participate in programs like this. 

Note: If you are accepted as a Shift team member, you will be sent instructions on how to pay for and register for your session through our camp registration system.

If you would like to pay off your fee over a period of up to four months, we can arrange a payment plan for you. If you are accepted, let us know if you'd like to do that.

The following are requirements in order to be considered as an applicant:
  • Must be 16 or entering Jr, Sr, or College Freshman year in Fall 2018
    Not old enough yet? Consider volunteering to get your feet wet serving here!
  • Must profess an active relationship with Christ
  • Must have a GPA of 2.5 of higher
  • Must be able to attend entire three-week session. Absence will be granted only in the case of family emergency or other extremely unique circumstance. Leave will not be granted for family vacation, sports tournaments and other such events that are commonplace. We know these are important events, so please consider these things prior to applying for Shift.
  • Interested in becoming a lifeguard? We'll pay for you to become lifeguard certified! You'll lifeguard some for us here, and then you keep your certification!
  • You'll gain valuable leadership experience as you'll be filling a crucial role in the operation of our summer programming.
  • You'll gain hundreds of hours of community service!
  • You'll be exposed to daily Bible study and leadership development study from area youth pastors and others who will instruct you.
  • You'll be paired up with a college-aged Ghormley staffer who you'll work alongside and who will mentor you during your time here.
  • You'll be placed in a cabin where you'll have daily opportunities to work directly with the youth who will be attending our camps.
  • You'll get to have awesome experiences (both on-site and off-site) as part of your time in the Shift program.
  • We'll give you a shirt.
Ready to apply? Here's what to do:
  1. Fill out an online application. After we receive it, we'll contact you to set up an interview.
  2. Submit three references. (if you've never volunteered here). You can send them to the reference page to fill out your reference form. You must provide us with valid email addresses for your reference while filling out your online application. We will provide your references with an unique ID number that they must enter in order to submit your reference.
  3. Interview with our program team.
  4. Get ready for three awesome weeks!