Foodservice at Camp Ghormley

One of the highlights of a week at Ghormley Meadow is the food prepared by our food service team. We provide three nutritionally-balanced meals each day - whether it is presented buffet style, family style or cookout style.

Breakfast will always have the following available: a hot item (pancakes, french toast, eggs, sausage/bacon, etc), four cereal options, a toaster bar, peanut butter & jelly (at ALL meals), fruit, cream of wheat, oatmeal, granola, and a variety of drink options.

Lunch and dinner will always have a main course (such as pizza, chicken strips, hamburgers, pasta, deli sandwiches, etc.). In addition, a full salad bar, PBJ station, fruit options, and a dessert are provided at all lunches and dinners.

Food Allergies

If your child has a dietary concern that could result in a reaction while at camp, we want our health staff and food service team to be knowledgeable about your child’s situation. Included during your registration process is a section regarding your camper's allergies and nutrition needs. The information you include on your registration form is communicated to our nurse as well as our Food Service team. Our Food Service team is available for information on menus and available alternatives during the summer. Feel free to contact our Foodservice Department prior to your child’s camp session if you would like to speak to them directly about your child’s situation. We don’t always know what campers with special dietary needs will like or dislike; Ghormley Meadow is able to provide some food substitutes for meals; however, campers may need to bring their own alternative options to meet dietary needs. (Containers cannot be greater than a 16 quart cooler/box.) The food service team will be responsible for preparing these food items throughout your child’s stay at camp.

Contact our Food Service team through the main office by calling 509-672-4311 or emailing

Keeping your campers healthy and happy is our main priority!

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