What's Our Mission?

At Ghormley Meadow Christian Camp, our mission is to provide an exceptional camping experience in a beautiful mountain setting where lives are changed by Jesus.

In an effort to most effectively accomplish this mission, we commit to the following core values:

  • Christ-centered Camping: Whether in word or deed, all we do is for Christ’s glory so that His name may be proclaimed. Scripture, worship, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines will be central to how we structure our programming.
  • Safety: We strive for the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of each individual at camp.
  • Nature Focused Setting: Our aim is to provide an environment where those who come to Ghormley can hear God’s voice, whether through rest, reflection, teaching, or outdoor activities.
  • Excellent Hospitality: We strive to create a welcoming environment by seeking excellence in all areas of service, including programs, facilities, food, and staff.
  • Authentic Relationships: We desire that those who visit our facility will come as guests and leave as friends with us, other participants, and the Lord.
  • Christ-like Service: We aspire to serve in a way that reflects Christ rather than ourselves.
  • Lasting Memories: We strive to foster an environment that creates enduring memories for individuals, groups, and families for years to come.
  • Fun: Creative and resourceful programming that creates great experiences for young and old alike.